2017 Basketball Prep

We are deep into the conference play for all of the conferences at the division I level. I wanted to post my most updated prep sheets for broadcasters to use in their show prep.

Here are my stages of show prep:

1: Know the school:

Do research on the schools history, as far as previous mascots, famous alumni, previous championships, previous conferences,and any news worthy event in the past year from the university. Wikipedia can assist in this endeavor.

My hot sheets include, university enrollment, official colors, and the home arena’s name. I have also included the athletic director and university president’s name.

2. Know the history of teams

You should know how long the teams have been participating in the sport. It is a nice talking point if it is a milestone year. I called a game last year for a team who was celebrating their 100 year of basketball.

Know when the last time the team made the post-season tournaments. It is important if they got snubbed by the NCAA, but made a run at the championship in the NIT.

Know any players who numbers are retired by the school or are playing in the NBA or next level of Pro ball.

3. Warren Nolan

Warrennolan.com is a great resource for men and women’s basketball, college baseball and college football (FBS and FCS). Check the teams RPI and schedule. Did they have any signature wins this season? Check the team’s non conference strength of schedule. These are all talking points during a game. Research is important. Know your teams.

4. NCAA Website

NCAA.com is an essential visit for broadcasters who are prepping for a game. I like to compare current stats with the previous seasons stats. I look for any drastic positive or negative change.

5. Team pages

Even Division III teams have improved websites to include updated rosters and statistics. Use these pages to get to know the coaching staff and players. I look for any connections with the two teams. Maybe one of the assistant coaches graduated from the opposing school or had previous coaching experience with the opposing coach. There are a number of things to look for to note for the broadcast.


Below is a link to my prep for Georgia Tech and Wofford:
















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